About this blog

Welcome to Deloitte Belgium’s Corporate Responsibility blog! This blog features regular updates on Deloitte Belgium’s most important corporate responsibility projects. In 2012, this blog illustrated how Deloitte Belgium can make an impact for and in society. Through our various social media channels and this blog, we gave an insight into the achievements of the sustainability project the Deloitte team set up in Tanzania in August 2012. The project, in collaboration with the NGOs WeForest , Close The Gap and GRA , was a big success; an experience that changed the lives of Belgians and Tanzanians!

Deloitte Belgium is determined to continue such efforts to make a distinctive impact in society both here and elsewhere. 2013 brings two new corporate responsibility projects: the first one in collaboration with SOS Kinderdorpen in Rwanda, the second one together with Close The Gap in East-Africa.

To keep things simple we have revamped our Tanzania blog into an official Corporate Responsibility blog! From now on, all you need to know about Deloitte’s corporate responsibility projects can be found at one address.

So keep a responsible eye on this blog and enjoy reading!

If you want to know more about Deloitte’s various corporate responsibility initiatives, feel free to visit our webpage.

About Deloitte Belgium
Deloitte is the leading audit and consulting practices in Belgium. More than 2,600 people in 11 locations across the country serve public and private enterprises with financial, legal, tax, management and information technology expertise. We maintain our leadership position by continuing to make a difference to our clients, our people and the wider community.


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