Kwaeri (Goodbye) Tanzania

Last thing to do today was picking the winner of our quiz. And the winner is Kristel De Beir. Still one more question to go so check out our quiz.

Our adventure is almost over, we should be thinking about rounding-up and say goodbye to all of you but most likely to all of the nice people we have met here in Tanzania. It is with mixed feelings we are leaving and going back home, on one side we are happy to go back to our families and friends (and our firm J ) but on the other side it looks like we haven’t been doing enough for the needy in this region. Time went so fast due to the well-filled agenda we kept. We hope, no, we are sure, that we have been able to help several people during our stay and that we can count on them to continue helping others by what they have learned from us.

Before we could start packing we still had some last points on our agenda to flag. For a matter of fact, Maxime and Cliff dug into the bookkeeping of our local representative for Close the Gap = Expotech (started up in 2013 by the previous Deloitte team). They went through all the books and checked the final result after one year. They created, in collaboration with John Theodry from Expotech, a new business plan for the coming year(s) and gave him some tips and tricks for his bookkeeping. Diana and Sébastien rounded up their last days of teaching while Klaas went to check some computer installations from previous years.


And so we arrived at our ‘last evening dinner’ in Musoma, gathering with some of our local friends to enjoy one last meal before packing our bags and getting to the Mwanza airport tomorrow. But if you think we wouldn’t be doing anything on our very last day on Tanzanian soil, you are wrong! Still planned one last thing to do tomorrow. Visit the orphans at GRA as they get together every Saturday morning to spend some quality time together with the volunteers at GRA’s. We are looking forward in doing some craftwork, drawing, playing, … and who knows what else we will discover being with these kids.

We all would like to thank you for following our adventures, for your support, your comments on our blog and for participating in our quiz during these past weeks.

A special thanks to Benoît Vanderstichelen for helping us out in finding our way in Tanzania, for supporting us during the 6 months of preparation and during our stay here. We would also like to thank everybody within the firm who enabled us to participate in this one-in-a-lifetime-experience.

Diana, Cliff, Klaas, Maxime and Sébastien

(almost) The End! (we still have to manage some hours of flight before getting back to Belgium)


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