Serengeti Yhayo

Dear all, we are back from our trip and, finally, the internet at the hotel is back as well! Apologies for the long silence but being connected is not something to take for granted in Africa, especially while on Safari. Even if for some of us, it took some acclimation, in the end it actually felt nice to live offline and fully connected with nature for once.

IMG_4505 (800x533)IMG_4400 (800x533)

As a matter of fact, on Monday, 15 orphans from Global Resource Alliance (GRA) joined us for a 3 days Safari trip in Serengeti national park. At first, the language was a big barrier, the children were silent and shy and kept their distance. However, we quickly found a solution that did wonders for the little boys: a football game. While spending some more time together and looking at the large variety of animals we found a second way to communicate with them by singing songs.

IMG_3608 (800x533)Singing Childeren

Some of us even learned a song in Swahili to reach out to them. As of that moment we could really start bonding together and had an unforgettable time with these joyful children. There is no doubt that we connected, being in an overcrowded bus (we are still amazed that it only broke down at the end of the trip, 2 meters away from our destination).

20140826_133304 (800x482)

We spent hours together, singing, playing and watching several Symba (Lions), Tembo (Elephants), Milla (Zebras), Twiga (Giraffes), Mamba (Crocodiles) and even 2 Chui (Leopards) and 1 Kifaru (Rhino). It was wonderful to see their little faces filled with excitement due to the experience of their first safari.

IMG_4081 (800x533)IMG_4600 (800x533)IMG_4391 (800x533)IMG_4455 (800x533)IMG_3807 (800x533)IMG_3728 (800x533)

At night, covered by dust, the lack of water in our ‘5 star hotel’ (NOT!) barely allowed us to perform the most rudimentary freshen-up, prior to slip under the mosquito net and fall asleep with the sounds of the Savannah in the background.

It has been a journey full of emotions and discoveries and we are quite sure that we provided an unforgettable experience to all of them. We hope they will cherish the memories as much as we do.


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