Let’s Celebrate!

Our new post is later than planned as internet has been down for 2 days. Luckily we borrowed an internet stick from GRA in order to update you on our latest activities and post new quiz questions. You can find the questions at: http://deloittebe-marketing.polldaddy.com/s/tanzania-2014-01.

 After having picked our first winner, Martin Coquery, we have also just found out who our second number one is: Laetitia Sacré. Thank you both for participating and supporting our project.

Friday was graduation time. Together with our students and NGO participants we celebrated the end of a successful week of teaching. All dressed up, we went together through the history and purpose of our project. This was followed by the topics that we had learned during the week. We also agreed that our participants would continue to share their knowledge with their colleagues upon our departure.  Finally, everybody was officially handed in with a graduation certificate and, on top of that, the NGOs received one laptop per organization. We all had a great time and we were invited to come over more often in order to improve our Swahili. 🙂



Today we got the chance to experience the African rain. Ready to start our new classes at the usual time (9 am), we arrived at the venue and had to wait for the rain to stop in order to have electricity. Moreover, we were informed that we should wait till it stopped raining in order for our students to leave their homes and attend the course. We rapidly adapted and started working on the preparation of the laptops for the new courses.

After the first full week (Monday till Saturday) of teaching, we were looking forward to our ‘free’ Sunday and to enjoying a ‘grâce matinée’. You should all know that our days have been starting at 7.30 am with breakfast and most of the time didn’t end before 11.00 pm. Even though our classes stopped around 4.30 pm with a break of 1 hour at lunch, we always had some preparation to do and experience to share with each other. If you think that we had a lazy Sunday-afternoon, you are wrong, we had done some more Musoma-city-exploring in the morning and also visited Kinesi, where we checked out the permaculture site of GRA and met some of the orphans that they are taking care of.



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