The end is near…

… of our first week of teaching. And our students are getting better and better as they have improved their Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) and oral presentation skills.

We’ve given them an ambitious challenge today: “Create a complete PowerPoint presentation with a clear Agenda.”

The NGOs prepared a presentation on their organisations (history, activities, success & challenges, contacts…) while the students described the Mara region. The result was a clear SEE (Substantially Exceeding Expectations). The deliverables were incredibly good taking into account that they achieved it after a single day of training on PowerPoint.


The presentations of the NGOs were used to create a sort of networking event when all the NGOs presented themselves in front of the classroom. This led to interesting debates, mostly in Swahili which helped us further improve our language skills.


We have already some candidates for next year trainings. They are looking forward to welcoming the 2015 Deloitte team.


This morning was also the time for us to say goodbye to Benoît who is heading back to Belgium after some busy days full of meetings in Tanzania. Asante Mr. Ben for your big contribution and support to the team.


We are now getting ready for the big award celebrations of tomorrow where all our students will receive a certificate. But first, they will have to pass the very elaborate exam we prepared.

 New questions have been added to our Quizz! Have a look and take a chance to win nice prizes:

 Tutaonana kesho!



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