Karibu Musoma

Good evening from Musoma!! Happy to report that we made it safe and sound. After leaving Brussels at 11am on Thursday, we finally got to Musoma at 4pm the next day. First layover was in Doha (Qatar) where we arrived at 7pm and left at 1:45am. Here we got the chance to experience the Arab and European culture blend and to enjoy our first group dinner. After sleeping throughout the flight to Nairobi (Kenya) we arrived in the Nairobi airport at 6:30am to board on our final flight to Mwanza (Tanzania). This was still not our final destination as from Mwanza we had another 4 hrs to go by minivan to Musoma.

Collage trip

Once in Musoma, we first went to visit the headquarters of Global Resource Alliance (GRA) where we were welcomed by our project partners. GRA is the NGO collaborating with Deloitte since 2011 / 2012. GRA is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Tanzania’s water, permaculture, solar cooking, orphans care and natural medicine programs.

At around 5pm we were able to check in at our hotel, Afrilux. Once unpacked, Benoit, already experienced with Musoma, took us for a short tour around the city, stopping shortly at the nearby beach and at the local market, leaving us with no doubt that we were in “authentic” Africa.


On Saturday, after a well-deserved sleep, we did another tour of the market, this time getting the chance to admire the wonderful fruits & vegetables and the hand-made clothes & accessories. After lunch, we departed by boat to Lukuba Island, a wonderful peaceful place in the Lake Victoria, the second biggest lake in the world. Lake Victoria borders Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, its surface is of 68 800 km2 (= more than two times the size of Belgium) and it is at an altitude of 1 133 m above sea level.

During the time spent on the island, we got the chance to bond as a team and to get fully recharged for the upcoming 2 weeks of training.

Group rock

As of tomorrow, we will start our teaching of the students and NGOs. Although we have been preparing this trip for months and we believe that we are ready, we are anxious to see what we can achieve. Therefore, please follow our blog in the coming days.
Don’t forget about our quizzes, you can find the second question at the following link: Quiz question # 2


5 thoughts on “Karibu Musoma

  1. As Margaret Mead said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
    May your stay in Tanzania give you a taste of using your professional competences for the sake of positive change to our society.

    • Hello Gilles. Thank you for those inspiring words! We are planning on doing just that at the scale of our project, making an impact on the people we teach and meet. Today we got many positive feedback from our first day of teaching NGOs and students. The training went quite well even if most of the Tanzanian who followed the course were using a computer for the very first time. At the beginning of the course, moving the mouse was unknown to them. At the end of the day, they were all able to create a full word document, using titles, bullet points and various formatting. They were very eager to learn and trying new things and we are convinced that this knowledge will be very helpful for them in a near future.

  2. Happy you made it safely there!
    I trust you’ll make the most of your time in Tanzania and you’ll leave a positive stamp on people’s lives.

  3. Nice report folks and hope that you are fully recovered from the long trip and ready to make an impact for the people of Musoma during your stay with them!

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