Tanzania Project 2014: 14 August – T-8 !!

Hip hip hooray, it’s almost time for departure to Tanzania!! Though the trip will only start on August 14th (with actual arrival on August 15th), the project and the preparations have been going on for quite some time now and should come to an end this week. For this year’s project, we will travel to Tanzania for two weeks to:

  • provide workshops to several NGOs seeking to maximise funding opportunities & to better promote themselves;
  • help teachers and university students to develop their IT skills through a series of business cases;
  • audit “Exponential Technologies” (a start-up created last year);
  • raising funds to buy solar panels for a recently built school.

We have almost finalized the materials for the students, the NGOs and the Anglican Church trainings. Our IT guys (Klaas and Maxime) spent one weekend getting the refurbished laptops nice and ready for being reused by the university. The laptops are also taking their private jet trip, waiting to arrive safely and comfortably to their future home in Tanzania.


We hope that you tasted our delicious Tanzanian sandwiches in the cafeteria. We were also happy to see that you were enjoying our traditional BBQ today and we thank you for that.

Collage BBQ


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