Safari time!

We could not spend more than two weeks in Tanzania without taking the time to visit one of their various park and reserves. When meeting Tanzanian people, the first minutes of the conversation were always the same: “How are you? Where are you from? Have you done a Safari?”

We therefore decided to go to the Selous Game Reserve, one of the closest reserves to Dar Es Salaam, to check whether the Tanzanian Safaris (we must confess, in a very short version) were up to their reputation…

After a short flight and an impressive landing, we are already sitting in a Safari Land Rover, on our way to our lodge, located within the reserve.
Tanzanie - 36

Tanzanie - 40

Even after a tropical rain, the landscapes are really breathtaking!

Tanzanie - 294

The first animal we met were Impalas which turned out as shy as they are graceful.

Tanzanie - 178

After a long day spent looking for him, we finally met the king of the jungle! To be more precise, we met two queens of the jungle, taking care of their newborn.

Tanzanie - 269

Lion or not, we were all very touched by the feeding time, three meters away from the car!

Tanzanie - 282

We also did a short boat trip on a lake located in the middle of the reserve. This lake was crowded with crocodiles and hippos: swimming is not recommended…

Tanzanie - 243

Tanzanie - 241

We saw a few giraffes during the day, but this one stared at us for at least five minutes!

Tanzanie - 219*

Second member of the “Big Five” club, the elephant. No matter how big it was, it was rather afraid of our presence in the area. Our guides stated that this is due to the increasing activity of poachers in the country, who do not hesitate to slaughter them to get hold of the ivory.

Tanzanie - 200

Last member of the “Big Five”, the Buffalo, trying to smell us in the distance. Tanzanie - 189

Final step of our day of safari, a Masai village located at the border of the reserve. We had the opportunity to meet a real Masai woman, who explained the daily life of the tribe.

Tanzanie - 304

Tanzanie - 301

Tanzanie - 303Tanzanie - 307

Just a few zebras we met on our way back to the lodge…

Tanzanie - 291

This day was really unforgettable and enabled us to discover another face of Tanzania. We realized how important this asset is to the country and why Tanzanian people are so proud of their landscapes and wildlife. Our students were perfectly aware of it: one of their projects consists in promoting local tourism among the youth of Tanzania!

Tanzanie - 159


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