A weekend in Dar Es Salaam

Hello everyone,

As you know, we came to Dar Es Salaam to organise a business game with the students of the ICT4D foundation, to teach them about entrepreneurship and to support and encourage them to set up their own business and make their dreams come true.

The first week was very intense, the first day was all about assessing the level of the students and trying to figure out what they expected from the course and what they would be most interested in. Each evening, we were adapting our presentation material to make sure it corresponded as much as possible to the level and expectations of the students. We noticed that our students very much appreciated our efforts (they’ve even sent us emails thanking us for our hard work), which was really nice to hear and this gave us even more energy and enthusiasm to continue what we were doing.

Nevertheless, after a week of presentations and business game, we were, as you might understand, exhausted and happy to finally commence the (short) weekend!

We would also like to share this part with you and show you a glimpse of what we’ve done on Saturday and Sunday evening.

Saturday evening, we moved to another hotel, near the seaside, the cool seabreeze and magnificent seaview were a nice change from the warm and oppressive city center. We first had dinner at a restaurant nearby the hotel, as you can see we were very happy (especially Laurent :)):


After dinner we had… drinks! Of course :)! We had a lot of catching up to do after a whole week of amazing and new experiences.


On Sunday, we visited a local market where we experienced the Tanzanian way of doing business :). We were hardly able to take it all in in such a short time! Here are some impressions of what we saw:

??????????????????????????????? DSC06238 ??????????????????????????????? DSC06246 ???????????????????????????????


After that, we visited a crafting market where sculptures made of ebony wood were sold. It was quite the opposite of the loud and oppressive market we had previously visited. We bought some nice gifts and souvenirs for our friends and family (and for ourselves :)).


After this nice, relaxing Sunday, we were ready to kick-off week two during which we will be focusing on the Worldloop project. While we are working on this project, our students have some time to finetune their business project and to get ready to present their project on Friday. We are very much looking forward to seeing the result of the business projects on Friday, to select the winner of the business game and to celebrate together with them!

See you soon for some more updates!

The team


3 thoughts on “A weekend in Dar Es Salaam

  1. great pictures!!

    Enjoy the last days… think about what this project does to you… thx to assess impact!

    take care

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