About flexibility…

Hello everyone,

We would like to tell you a short story that says a lot about the way issues are being tackled here in Tanzania.
During our presentation on Day 2, we decided to include a short video about how the economy works. Only thing is that to play a video, you need speakers. Which we didn’t have.

Naive as we are, we therefore asked for speakers. Which they didn’t have either. Here begins the flexibility lesson.

First step, take an hour to go and buy some speakers. Come back with a nice and brand new box of speakers. Open it and plug it in… but what kind of plug is that?
One thing you have to know, is that sockets are not yet standardized here. Some appliances work with English sockets, some others with European ones. But the above mentioned speakers work with something different, something that would not fit in any adapter we had.

English plug.

uropean plug.

Unidentified plug.

Second step, find an adapter that is compatible with the plug you have (around half an hour or so). But the plug found is actually a socket, and should be mounted into the wall.

Adapter. But to be mounted into the wall.

Third step, find an adapter, so you can connect the plug into another adapter, compatible with the socket into the wall (another 30 minutes).

other of all adapters.

Finally, just connect everything together, prey and hope, take it pole pole (relax), and enjoy your video!!

Thanks for following us, and stay tuned for the next post.

The Flexibles.


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