Visits to OK Plast and ICT4D foundation

Hi everyone!

We’re happy to give you another update from the warm Dar Es Salaam! As mentioned in our previous post, we had planned two very interesting visits on Tuesday to the two partners we will be working with: OK Plast & ICT4D.

We first met Fadl Ghaddar from OK Plast, who showed us around in his factory and explained us how their recycling process works. This gave us better insights to prepare the business plan for the joint venture project between OK Plast and Chilambo.

With these machines they melt and extrude the plastic and they recycle it into carpets (amongst other things):

OK Plast OK Plast 2 OK Plast 3

Laurent, Toon and Fadl:

OK plast - Fadl, Toon, Laurent

In this room they recycle the copper. Through different chemical processes they purify the big plates of copper (see picture 2 below). Afterwards they melt the copper plates and create copper wires.

OK plast - copper 3 OK plast - copper 2 OK plast - copper

So here we are with Mr. Ghaddar and Mr. Chilambo:

OK plast - group

After a long and hectic drive through the city (traffic is a nightmare in Dar), we finally arrived to ICT4D where the students were already brainstorming on topics for the business game:

ICT4D class ICT4D

We were very impressed by their level of professionality and the creative ideas they had!

Afterwards they were more than happy to be in the picture with us when we left:ICT4D - group picture

Stay tuned for more updates about the business game in the coming days!

The team


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