Building dreams!

Hi everyone,

We are proud to introduce you to another corporate responsibility project that will officially kick-off on 11 October! The project is called ‘Building dreams’ and is quite different from the other projects that you can read about on this blog.

We are an international team of 5 volunteers and our aim is to promote entrepreneurship by encouraging the NGOs and people we will be working and sharing ideas with to develop an entrepreneurial spirit. We are still developing our on-site programme, but will most likely be working with two well-established organisations: ICT for Development Tanzania Foundation and Worldloop

ICT4D aims to promote access to information and the effective mainstreaming of technologies like Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) into Tanzanian citizens’ daily development activities. The goal is to gradually reduce poverty and accelerate economic growth. They focus on four main activities:

  • Youth Empowerment (youth employment, volunteering, empowering entrepreneurship and innovation skills)
  • Access to ICT tools in the education, business and tourism sectors
  • Legal education programme
  • Tourism education programme

WorldLoop started as an initiative of CTG (Close the Gap), an ICT for Development organisation. Deloitte has been working together with Close the Gap for many years. They collect high quality second-hand IT equipment (mainly computers) from companies and organisations and install them in universities and schools in developing countries all over the world.  As those computers will also eventually reach the end of their lifecycle, CTG founded Wordloop, an organisation providing local recycling facilities.

So on 11 October we, five Deloitte volunteers, will travel to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, to organise business and entrepreneurial workshops tailored to these two inspirational organisations. We hope we can make a real impact by sharing our knowledge and skills, and in return learn more about our respective cultures and the way we do business.

Keep an eye on this blog in the coming weeks as we will be updating you regularly on our preparations for the journey. We will of course also provide you with updates on our adventures in Tanzania, so tune in a regular basis!


Toon, Laurent, Mahu, Ula and Sophie


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