Last week in Kinesi (by Frederic and Nicolas)

Dear readers,

Time for Frederic and I to give a short update on the activities performed during our last week in Kinesi and Musoma!

On Monday we improved the access data monitoring tool for the tree distribution. We explained the changes that have been made to all the persons involved and did a test in order to make sure that all the changes were well understood.

On Tuesday, we worked on the feasibility study for the implementation of a new regional forest in the Rorya region. We went to visit the Tarime Regional forest, in order to understand how they have intitiated a new forest 6 years ago, and in order to gather best practices for us.

In the afternoon we have met the director of the Rorya district (see picture below). We comfirmed the willingness of the region to support the new forest. The director was very welcoming and seemed to have very good advisors (cfr. poster on the wall of its office 😉 ).

Deloitte 1

We have also identified 3 possible locations for the new forest and determined the most promising location.

New Forest

As Philip mentioned, Wednesday was dedicated to the orphans in Kinesi. Charlotte and Marie will describe that day in more detail.

On Thursday and Friday morning, we worked hard on business cases about soap and brick creation in order to provide a revenue to the orphan’s parents. … and results seem promessing. We even had the opportunity to purchase some soaps of the first production batch.


On Friday afternoon, we had taken the opportunity to test the improvements of the access data monitoring tool by performing some audits in schools that had planted trees in the previous years… In some places we received a very warm welcome!!

Warm welcomeplantation 

Thank you for following us!

Frederic and Nicolas


One thought on “Last week in Kinesi (by Frederic and Nicolas)

  1. Congratulations for the good humanitarian job. I happen to know the area it really needs help in terms of afforestation and alternative occupation as there is no longer fish in lake Victoria and the alternative mean of survivor is through charcoal making and firewood vendoring

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