Update from Philip & Anthony (final week in Musoma)

Dear readers,

First of all our apologies for the long silence on our blog. Unfortunately the internet connection at our hotel was not very reliable (surprise :-)). In order not to lose three hours for a single blog post (without uploading pictures) we decided to wait for our return to Belgium.

Let us give you a short update on what we did during our last week in Musoma.

The purpose of our second week was to help John (Secretary of the University of Arusha) and Paschal (Buhare School Principal) to set-up a local Close-The-Gap (CTG) affiliate (social enterprise). This will help CTG to distribute more affordable PC’s to schools, NGO’s and other non-profit organizations in Tanzania. The Musoma CTG affiliate will be used a satellite to reach the broader Mara region.

On Monday we discussed the set-up of a local social enterprise together with Robert Mafie, who is also leading a CTG affiliate in the Moshi region. We had a very interesting and fruitful discussion and Robert shared a huge amount of interesting insights with us.


On Tuesday we continued working on the business plan for the CTG affiliate. Together with John we prepared a first financial plan taking into account the information received the day before.

On Wednesday the whole team decided to visit Frederic & Nicolas at the plantation site in Kinesi. A very special day filled with games, PC classes and some gifts for the orphans. Charlotte & Marie will give you a short update on our activities in Kinesi.


On Thursday & Friday Anthony and I performed the final handover of the PC room at the Buhare College. We double checked all the installed PC’s and went through the last open standing points together with John from the university. We also recorded some short video testimonials with students on the cooperation with Deloitte.


On Friday we visited a local school and a family together with Tara from GRA. We were welcomed by more than 500 kids, it was an astonishing experience. Charlotte & Marie will share more details on our visit.


During our closing weekend in Tanzania we had the opportunity to join on a two day safari at the well-known Serengeti National Park. Together with more than twenty orphans we were able to discover the amazing wildlife of the Serengeti plains. Already before we reached the official Serengeti gates we spotted some zebras, gazelles and buffalos.


Once we entered the gate we spotted one amazing creature after the other. We saw a lion chasing a group of gazelles, a huge elephant that was only two meters away from our bus, leopards chilling in the trees, more than 100 hippos side by side in the hippo pool, and many many more. Whilst driving in the bus the orphans provided us with cheerful local songs, what an atmosphere :-)!!

Giraffe_serengeti Hippos-serengeti Lion_serengeti Olifant-Serengeti Serengeti2

The Serengeti trip was definitely one of the highlights of our stay in Tanzania and the perfect closing before heading back to Belgium.

Our return trip ended up with some nice surprises, but Frederic & Nicolas will definitely tell you more about it  🙂


Philip & Anthony


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