Visiting orphans’ families

Jambo (= Hello)

As mentionned before, we had the opportunity to visit three orphans families that are part of the GRA program.

It could sounds strange that we are talking about their families as those kids are considered as orphans. Let us explain you in which conditions those orphans live…

Not all orphans lost both of their parents. In some cases, one parent is still alive but has health problems or bad living conditions that do not allow them to take care of their child. Based on their background and circumstances, they are allowed to ask the assistance of the NGO GRA.

In case the kids lost one or both parents, GRA forsees that a member of the family or a third person be assigned  as the “guardian” of the child. This person is then responsible of the living condition of the kids.

During the visits of the three families, we were  shocked by their way of living : very small houses with only one or two rooms for the entire family (minimum composed of 5 persons). No kitchen, no bathroom, no electricty, no clean water, no furniture etc. Actually, they have just the possiblility to sleep on the floor under a roof.

We also took the opportunity to bring some basic school furnitures such as (color) pencils and drawing books to those families.




Marie and Charlotte


4 thoughts on “Visiting orphans’ families

  1. Hey !

    I am writing from DELOITTE- ECUADOR, I work in the department of Corporate Responsability and Sustainability.It is inspiring to see that Deloitte can have this kind of initiatives. I hope that, in time, in Ecuador we will be able to develop something similar.

    Big hugs from Ecuador’s team!!

    Sebastián Suárez

  2. Greetings from Deloitte office in Los Angeles. That’s my home country. I am from Kagera, a region close to Musoma. Say “Mambo” to my brothers and sisters.
    Nice work you are doing!

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