The Kinesi experience

Hello all!

Here’s some news about Frederic and me. We haven’t got any internet or electricity for a few days so this is the fastest we could do J We’ve come back from a nice journey at the permaculture site in Kinesi. It was very much going back to basics.. Limited electricity, no internet access and no shower but the nice people there made us forget about all that.

You may ask us what we will do there, so here’s a short summary. We are working closely with GRA and WeForest to initiate a business plan for building a completely new forest of almost 300.000 in the Rorya district. We also assist the local community to commercialize making bricks for building houses and producing soap to ensure the foster parents have a source of revenue and have access to an economic activity.

We visited the permaculture site in order to understand the whole process of the forest that is already there in Kinesi so we can develop the plans for a new forest. Right now, there are already 40.000 trees that will be planted during the raining season in September-October.

On top of that we had advanced courses about the whole “nursing” process from seed to tree.



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