Karibu (meaning welcome in Swahili) !

After a long journey, we finally met “our” twenty orphans on Tuesday afternoon. Ok, we were expecting to work with cute little kids but finally teenagers arrived, two heads bigger than us…

Those twenty orphans are aged between thirteen and nineteen and we can already tell you that they are amazingly motivated and eager to learn and have fun.

After having met Tara and Lyn, the two responsible of the NGO “GRA” (Global Resources Alliance) and “Gamba”, the social worker of the organization, we started our English courses in our beautiful classroom located… outside.

You can see below how hard they are working…Image

After the introduction of the project  and ourselves, we started by teaching them basic English (the days of the week, the alphabet and the numbers) based on short songs which represented a playful learning for the orphans.

On Wednesday, we had the chance to welcome 6 new orphans entering the GRA program. By joining this beautiful program, GRA is providing those kids with a mattress, a mosquito net as well as bed sheets. It was like Christmas for them!Image

Today, we visited a nursery and primary school in Musoma. What a great feeling and experience to see these cute faces being so happy to receive Deloitte pens and pencils!ImageImage

Tomorrow’s planning: visit of orphan’s families. Stay tuned for our next adventures !

Marie and Charlotte


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