Hello everyone!

We are pleased to share a short update with you on the progress of our project during the past three days.

On Tuesday we (Anthony & Philip) visited the Buhare College and the university of Arusha. We were welcomed by both school principals Paschale and Barack.

We got an extended tour and visited the PC room of last year, the library, the principal’s offices and the newly prepared PC room.Image

On Wednesday we could only work on the pre-installation of the PC’s as we experienced a bit of delay due to clearance issues at the airport.

The PC’s finally arrived on Wednesday night after being stuck at the airport for more than four days. In the afternoon we joined the girls at the GRA office during their afternoon activities with the orphans.

We got the chance to join the spelling exercises, throw with the Frisbees and we ended the day by singing some songs together. It was a very special experience and all the orphans were very enthusiastic!



Today we went over to the GRA office to check on the PC’s and the other equipment that arrived. We loaded off 7 laptops for the GRA office and afterwards sat in the back of the truck on our way to the Buhare College to drop off the remaining 21 desktops.


When sitting in the back of the truck we attracted quite some attention from the locals as they probably don’t see a lot of Europeans travelling that way 🙂

After checking the electricity and network installations at the PC room we noticed that the technical set-up was not completely as agreed. As we are in Africa 🙂 we did however foresee enough time to discuss the necessary improvements and decided to go back to GRA to already prepare the 7 laptops. We spent the whole afternoon making the necessary installations and managed to finish everything for the basic IT courses that Marie & Charlotte are planning to give tomorrow.


We closed the afternoon together with the orphans by throwing some more Frisbees and learning their special crazy ‘footdance’ 🙂


We are hoping that tomorrow the necessary adjustments will be made to the PC room at the Buhare College so we can set-up the remaining 20 desktop PC’s.
We will keep you posted as the day often holds special surprises!!


Philip & Anthony


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