We made it!

Good morning!

We made it! We finally arrived at our destination at Hotel Afrilux in Musoma (see below). After a long trip that took more than 27 hours we’re ready to start our adventure.IMG_7630

Our departure at Zaventem was planned at 4pm and we all safely arrived at the airport of Doha at 11.30pm, where the temperature outside was still 35 degrees! After watching a lot of movies on our first flight, we could finally start sleeping on our way to Kenya. Once arrived they told us that the gate to Mwanza (Tanzania) was already closed. We had to take the plane at 8.30am, but the personnel told us that it would leave at 8am. Eventually everything worked out well and with a 200m run (we are in Kenia :-)) we made it on time!


At 13 o’clock we took the bus the Musoma. During this 4 hour trip the Tanzanian reality became clear. Locals asking us for money when we stopped with the our van, Pepsi and Coke branded shops everywhere, little children waving when we pass, what a special atmosphere!


Finally we arrived at Hotel Afrilux were we immediately went for a short walk in the neighbourhood. We watched the sunset on Lake Victoria and made contact with some local people… and animals (mosquito clouds). We also got to meet Lyn and Tara from GRA (two responsibles we are supporting) to go through the planning for the upcoming two weeks.


Before we went to bed, we enjoyed our first Kilimanjaro beer.



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