And the last team members are …

Hi everyone,

We are now four days before our long expected departure to Tanzania, so it’s about time to introduce the last two Deloitte team members Anthony & Philip.

Philip is 28 years old, newly wed since June 22nd and recently returned from his honeymoon together with his wife and 6 month old daughter, Marie-Julie. Philip works as a Senior Consultant in the strategy and operations department of Consulting since September 2008. His hobbies are running, travelling, photography and enjoying good food and drinks.

Anthony is 26 years old and works as a Senior Consultant in the M&A Transaction Services department of FAS since September 2010. As he caught the travel virus during his recent visits to Sri Lanka, China, Brazil and Argentina, he is really looking forward to visit Africa for the first time! Next to travelling, he mainly likes to cycle during the weekends and holidays. Together with Philip, Anthony will be taking care of the installation of the Close The Gap (CTG) pc’s at the Arusha University as well as the set-up of the local CTG office in Musoma.

Definitely keep checking our blog! (We want to break the view records of last year 🙂 )


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