What about the guys…?

Hi all,

I Hope you enjoyed discovering the background of Marie and I 🙂

Let’s continue with two of the guys today… Frederic and Nicolas.

Frederic is a Senior Consultant working in Customer & Market Strategy together with Philip. He is always eager to eat chocolate or to drink a cold beer with some friends or colleagues. He will abandon those pleasures for 3 weeks to focus on the world of Permaculture by focusing on the support of the NGO WeForest together with Nicolas.

Nicolas is currently working for the Accountancy department of Deloitte Fiduciaire in Ghent, where he started approximately 2,5 years ago after graduating from a Master in Economics. He never dreamed of becoming an actress like I did and is not yet married like Frederic but he did finish his first marathon in April. Ever since Nicolas visited Thailand last year (he loved the country, the people and the culture), his dream is to explore the world. So now he’s absolutely looking forward to visiting Tanzania, seeing Africa and making it a better place. Together with this team, he doesn’t think that will be any problem!

Tomorrow, you will receive more information about Philip and Anthony, so definitely stay connected to our blog! 


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