Meet the girls

Hi everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed our first Tanzanian lunch?

As you know our great adventure starts on July 21. No need to tell you how excited we are to take off!!

Before we tell you what we’ll do over there, let’s introduce the team!

Today, it’s time to meet the girls!

Marie is 25 years old and is living in Antwerp. She is working as a senior auditor at the Diegem office. When she’s not working for Deloitte, she really enjoys spending time with her family&friends, doing sports (hockey, wakeboard, snowboard etc.) and some travelling, as she would like to discover the world (who doesn’t?). She is very glad to be part of this great experience and will be working with Charlotte on the orphans project.

Charlotte is working within the VAT department of Liège since 2 years. When she was young she dreamed to become an actress but became more wisely with the time and decided to study… Finance. After her Master (as she was willing to extend her knowledge in tax) she decided to carry on her studies and graduated from a post Master in International tax law. Charlotte lives together with her boyfriend in the center of Liège, where she loves meeting up with her friends and family for restaurants and drinks. Charlotte has been a scout during more than 6 years and is looking forward to finding the same “young spirit” in Tanzania 🙂

Next week the boys will be introduced to you!

Hope to see you all on July 11 for our next lunch session!


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