Back to Tanzania!

Meet our volunteers!
Summer is approaching fast. Meanwhile, six Deloitte volunteers are preparing for their journey to Tanzania: Frederic Wathelet, Philip Vanstraelen, Marie Mackelbert, Nicolas Denys, Charlotte Meeckers and Anthony Vinckier.

It’s part of our work with other organisations and countries to reduce CO2 emissions and further our sustainability programme. When providing a Deloitte sustainability grant to help fund the planting of 130,000 trees in the Mara region in Tanzania, we saw an immediate opportunity to expand the initiative into a wider corporate responsibility project. Looking at the local community, we realised where our help – and that of Deloitte volunteers – could have the greatest impact.

Mara is an area that faces significant development issues, including economic hardship, social inequality and deforestation. We work closely together with WeForest, the Global Resource Alliance and Close the Gap to affect real social and economic change.

On 21 July our Deloitte volunteers will travel to the region in order to focus on three main areas. These include our continuing efforts to bridge the digital divide; auditing, controlling or verifying the good use and maintenance of the Mara forest to assure its benefits for many years; and the local orphanage in Musoma.
In the coming weeks Frederic, Philip, Marie, Nicolas, Charlotte and Anthony will tell you more about what their projects entail, their preparations and, of course, all their adventures!

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