From absorption to proliferation: the knights of knowledge

Let it be clear that I will miss every second of this adventure, which has obviously gone way too fast. This project has meant so much to me and I will remember it for a very long time. There was such a good atmosphere during my stay here and the eagerness to learn by the students simply surpassed all expectations.

You already know that Deloitte Belgium is supporting 16 students in the SOS Technical School. It’s incredibly what a small effort by our employees in Belgium has meant to these people. Not only did I share my knowledge with them, they also absorbed it and even started to proliferate and exchange.

Even if I was here for a relatively short amount of time, I could not leave Kigali without meeting each of the students. Hereunder are some impressions:

Like Ornella who is in Senior 5, she proudly poses with the green dot 🙂

From left to right: Eliane, Ornella et Jules

Next to the lessons, there is of course room for social time with the students

A good picture with the Director of SOS Technical School , Mr. Muvunyi (with the Deloitte hat)

Group picture with all the students: everybody hands up 🙂


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