African Nations Cup, just around the corner?

My second day at the SOS technical school went very well. Although the teachers had a very busy schedule as the school semester started already, they have managed to make time for training sessions. To ensure efficiency in the knowledge transfer, we have focused on subject matters in auditing for which they need to strengthen. Hence, auditing revenue and expenses accounts have occupied the rest of our day. I can ensure you that the questions raised during the training were very relevant and showed me that they are dedicated professionals and always eager to learn.

After a long day of the training, we needed to change our minds and met the students at a “football ground” situated 200 meters from the training room and assisted them playing football.
Here is David, student in senior 5 and goalkeeper of the team

Why only David, check out the whole team:

Thanks to Deloitte Belgium, they have received 2 foot balls and this has definitely made them proud and happy.
Oh! By the way, this is the playground

Although, it is not completed yet, SOS Technical School is hoping for funds to make it look better. As you see, this land is huge enough to become a good football ground.

While some play football, others were playing basketball. The basketball ground has been well developed thanks to the support from SOS Kinderdorpen Belgium. Having worked one more hour to support the future of these young people makes me really proud.
The boys and also the ladies – check the signs 🙂
Grace (on left) and Marie (on right) have joined the team practice.

This ended the second day. On Wednesday, it is planned to learn about auditing balance sheet –assets accounts (Accounts receivables, Property Plant and Equipment and Investments) and liabilities accounts.
I look forward to tell you more in the next day.
Cheers to all,


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