“This is becoming real!!”

Hello everyone!

So far so good! I left Brussels on Saturday January 26, very excited to reach Kigali and meet the SOS representatives. It is minus 4 outside of the airport and cannot wait to take off my winter jacket 🙂


Only 13 minutes to land to Kigali. This is becoming real !!!!!pic13

Once I arrived in Kigali, Rwanda, I have been hosted by the Director of the SOS Technical School of Kigali, Mr Kiba Muvunyi. A very wonderful guy!


As you can see on the picture, the temperatures are way better than in Belgium. I’m happy to be in the only real dry season of the year (January & February). But in general, Rwanda has a pleasant tropical highland climate because of the high altitude of the country. The grass is green here and so the green dot: it started to walk around the garden! Can you find it in the pictures ?

pic1 pic3pic2

Monday morning: I was welcomed by the National Office Director; Mr Alfred Munyentwari. He told me that to feel at home and made him available for any question we might have. He was at his office by 7AM… like most Deloitters obviously.

8.30: AM Off we go to the technical school


Meeting with the teachers: from left to right Steve and Laurent ; they both have a degree in Business Management and have been providing classes at the technical school for the last two years. I have spent more time with Laurent (on the right) who was about to teach ’Introduction to Auditing’ to the senior high school. He proposed me to join and share my knowledge in auditing to the students. First experience ever as a teacher for me!


There we go to the class and met the amazing 25 students, eager to learn. I feel really lucky to be able to teach to such a class of interested students.


By the way, did you notice that the green dot is always following: where is the green dot?

I took the chance to ask the students what they  would like to become in the future. It is amazing to hear and feel the high motivation and the desire to achieve their best at this young age. Check out the list of profession, they have discussed with me:


And evidently , we talked about the profession of auditing:


The students proudly holding the Deloitte pencils. They got it because they responded correctly about questions about auditing. Lisa, Patriot and Alain (from left to right)


A friendly picture full of enthousiastic students to end the first day. Already looking forward for tomorrow!!


One thought on ““This is becoming real!!”

  1. woaouwwww wonderful.. I salute the great jobs you did for SOS technical School…
    ehh Yves, how come waje kigali ntumbwire?

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