Congratulations, students!!!

Last week, we continued and accelerated our trainings to the university students and the NGO’s. Excel, PowerPoint and word have no(t too many) secrets for them anymore.

The NGO’s got from time to time some surprise(d) tests, while the university students prepared in 5 groups their business plan and the presentation of it.

Last Friday, the students could proudly present their future NGO’s and some details of their mission, vision, core activities, finance, etc. Although the finance-part was quite exotic for some groups, they did a great job and presented their fictive NGO with a lot of enthusiasm and by using very nice slides.

After this, all the students were granted their certificate for completing the course. There was also a special price for the student group that was selected as having presented the best business plan.

The NGO’s also got their certificate, but they also got their laptops officially handed over to them. This was a very nice day; a lot of students had been looking forward to it.

Today the last part of our mission is completed. At 10.30 AM all the students and their partners, NGO’s and some local government officials were present for the official opening ceremony.After some speeches we all headed to the computer class -with the 40 computers- that could proudly be inaugurated and opened by cutting the very colorful ribbon, followed by a reception.

And then it was time to say good bye to our students and exchanging email-addresses (we taught them how to create an email-account).

For some of them & us it was even a little bit emotional.

The last 2 weeks of teaching were definitely very challenging, but so much more rewarding. We are very happy to feel that we really made an impact. Our students have now much easier access to information -crucial in today’s world. They have learned how to communicate and connect easily by creating their own NGO website, setting up email accounts, using skype, posting youtube movies, etc. Their professional and academic life is facilitated by their knowledge of word, excel and PowerPoint.

We are also very happy that they will pass this knowledge to their peers and colleagues. This first class will act as teachers for the others in the university and in their NGO’s. Quite some students were even that enthusiast that they wanted to know if they could already subscribe to a ‘level 2-session’.

We will all leave with a very nice feeling and we will miss our students and their big, great smiles. We got some much back from them.

Now it’s time to start the planning and preparation for (the) next year(s) when some new Deloitte team can experience this amazing adventure.

You will hear from us very soon!

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