Day 3 of teaching: tangible results

On behalf of Olivier and Sebastiaan:


Today was day 3 of teaching. We got some good rewards of our teaching efforts!

Teaching the NGO’s: today we taught MS Word; everything about creating a template, using styles, tables of content, adding figures and tables, captions, footnotes, the lot.

Teaching the students: today we taught about presentation skills; making a slide, structure, layout, colours and characters. We also worked on creating a fictional NGO.

Highlights of the day (teaching the NGO’s):

  • After having taught MS Word (styles, formatting, etc.) one of the NGO’s took a full report and applied the lessons learned, result: the report was updated with new headings, nice looking tables and an automatic table of content. Great result!
  • Playing games: a serious challenge, the battle to complete a computer game in the shortest time possible. The record of the participants: 1,8 seconds! If this were the Olympics we’d have some serious candidates.

Highlights of the day (teaching the students):

  • Nice to see that some students are learning really fast: slides do not have secrets anymore for them. We even made quite successful presentations at the end of the day. Very cool!
  • Kiti cheza cheza (chair dance): A chair dance a day keeps the doctor away. In order to make the students even more enthusiastic, we are now usually playing a short game. The game of the day was the good old chair dance. How to explain? This was an amazing success, a ton of laughs, 40 huge smiles and a lot of energy for continuing the day.
  • Sweet potatoes and tea break: It is always time for tea time. We are very lucky people, and Tanzanians are incredible hosts. During the well deserved break of the morning, we are always invited to join them at the cafeteria in order to have a delicious cup of tea, with potatoes.

By the way, the flies are now really away, Olivier has received his bag from the airport after having waited for six days.

Asante sana warafiki!

Olivier and Sebastiaan


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