First day of teaching

Dear readers,

This morning we woke up early and were excited to start our first day of classes!

After the breakfast, ‘Ms. Sofia’, ‘Ms. Leenie’ & ‘Mr. Olliver’ were picked up by the university driver with a jeep to go to CDTI & Arusha University. About 40 students and professors were invited to the computer classes in a freshly painted and furbished room where the Deloitte computers were installed.

Charlotte and Sebastiaan gave their classes to a group of 20 people from Tanzanian NGO’s in the meeting room next to the hotel on laptops. They even had 2 nuns as “students”, so you an imagine the group was rather diverse!

Today, ‘our students’ got to know each other via some “ice-(not sure if it’s common in Tanzania) breaking-games”, like BINGO (see pictures below) & interviewing. Then they had an introduction to the internet. In the NGO-class they also installed Skype on the computers, which made the students very excited, calling & chatting with each other. We were also glad someone proposed to translate to Swahili.

Some funny things happened today; electricity shut-down, beamer broke down, “students” that could’nt switch on their computer, students with no computer knowledge expecting to learn something about programming, participants (young & old) loving our games, etc.

Quote of the day from our IT guru Sebastiaan on a question about troubleshooting: “Google is your friend, my friend” (one of the participant’s name is Friend!).

Now we’re off for a nice & well-deserved dinner (we’re starving!!)



One thought on “First day of teaching

  1. Wow, these first days sound amazing! Please continue blogging and sending pictures! Is really great! guess you will be experts in finding solutions when you are back!

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