The team

Dear readers,

You might be curious about the Tanzania team. Who are these quaint enthusiasts, the lucky bastards to make this journey, who will be writing in this blog about their adventures? In order to reveal some of the mystery, we’d humbly like to introduce ourselves to you. Meet the Tanzania team.

Leen is 27, living and working in Brussels and in the weekends in Paris. At Deloitte, she’s mainly specialized in sales, new product introductions, marketing and pricing. She is passionate about horse-riding (jumping), travelling, animals & nature 🙂 (always wanted to be a vet – like her father – but finally changed her mind & studied economics), sports (race-biking, mountain biking, running, skiing, etc), reading, etc.
Leen will, together with Charlotte, be in charge of communication.

Charlotte is Legal Consultant. When she’s not working for Deloitte, she really enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading a good book and going to the movies. As a kid, Charlotte always secretly believed she’d make a great teacher one day. So she’s really looking forward to the training sessions.
Charlotte will be in charge of communication, in cooperation with Leen. 

Sebastiaan is 32 years old, married, living in Brussels and loves to travel, enjoys nature and getting to know people from all sorts of cultures and backgrounds. He is working for Deloitte Consulting on projects for the European Commission, in addition he has been president of an NGO since 2006 and is founding member of another local NGO in Brussels: the Urban Ecology Centre, its activities, among other things, also focus on permaculture.
Sebastiaan will be in charge of Contact with local NGOs, to ensure alignment with their aims and activities and close cooperation.

Olivier is 29 years old, married (without child yet :), living and working in Brussels. He is travelling and backpacking as often as he can and has always been involved with education of groups of young people. He has a lot of interest in nature, and likes sport very much (hiking, running, skiing, sailing).
Olivier will be the in charge of Contacts with the local student community. 

Ann-Sofie is Manager at Deloitte ERS, and works mostly for the Red Cross on operational excellence and strategic transformation projects. She’s 29 years old, lives in Gent, and doesn’t enjoy writing short paragraphs about herself. Therefore: Brazil got its name from the Brazilian nut (not the other way around), white cats with blue eyes are usually deaf, melophobia is the fear of music, a full moon is 9 times brighter than a half moon, all the other planets in our solar system could fit inside Jupiter, and apparently, the average golf ball has 336 dimples.
Ann-Sofie is team lead and will be responsible for the global coordination of the project. 

Of course, the Tanzania team is not just us, though we’ll be the ones traveling from August 2 until August 23. Many more kind souls are in on this project: there’s Klaas, our IT hero who sacrifices most of his free time for this (and other) project(s) and Benoit, the partner who initiated and pulled the whole project. Benoit and Klaas are the guys who suffered and transpired through the electricity, network and computer setup in July (see previous post). There’s Claire and Ivan, who support us throughout the project and who take care of all the administration and practicalities. There’s Olivier from Close The Gap (, who provided the computers, there’s a true marketing army and an IT support battalion, and our close colleagues and BU leaders who reorganized projects so we could be missed for 3 weeks. And let’s not forget the numerous other colleagues who are not named here, but to whom we are nonetheless very grateful for their help.

And that’s just Deloitte! An entire team awaits us in Tanzania, as Benoit mentioned in the previous post, and not in the least Tara and Lyn of GRA (, who are our main contacts in Tanzania.

In short, even before we’re off to the other side of the equator, we’d love to thank everyone who made and are going to make this project possible. We’re tremendously enthusiastic and grateful for the opportunity, and will try our bestest to make this challenge work out great.

So thanks, and cheers to you!

The Team


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