The preparation team returns – Installing 60 computers in 4 days (19 July – 26 July)

We returned on the morning of 26 July from our very short trip (4 intensive days on site) with Klaas from Tanzania. We have worked around the clock to get our 60 PCs in Musoma and have them installed and running. It was literally working all night long without any sleep to have electricity, internet access and have them running just-in-time!

This all was possible thanks to the efficient work and help of:

  • Klaas (Deloitte – for all his work during our short stay)
  • GRA (all people involved, specially Gamba, Thomas, Amos, Daniel, Esther …. )
  • Close the Gap (as well the Belgian team as their local agents)
  • Pascal (Principal of the Buhare School)
  • John and Sokia ( from the University of Arucha at Musoma)
  • Ivan (Deloitte-for his back-up and work From Belgium)

The realization wasn’t easy or simple. The set up of the electrical wiring and the internet network needed to be done, transport of all computers for 450 km by a maximum speed of 10 km/h. We needed to cope with regular electricity interruptions, time changes of our local flights with Precision Airways, and enormous amount of requests received in person by the local population for work/money and/or PC. But we made it and every computer has been installed, is running and tested and ready to use by our volunteers/teachers that arrive in August.

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2 thoughts on “The preparation team returns – Installing 60 computers in 4 days (19 July – 26 July)

  1. Glad to know that yet again, A team of motivated Deloitters are soon Traveling to Tanzania for another Cooperate sustainability project in Musoma, with Klaas and Benoit in the team brings back the refreshing-splendid memories of the 2012 team and Projects …… Welcome Baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

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